SP 2551 / Contenuto mass del contenitore 200 l
Consumo medio
0.8 / 5.0 A
Tipo di evaporatore
Dim. evaporatore (LxBxA)
380 x 140 x 270 mm
13 kg

Dettagli prodotto

The Isotherm SP system is a completely new technology, by means of which the system is cooled directly by the surrounding water. This means that refrigeration efficiency is completely independent of the air temperature inside the boat. Even on the hottest days of summer - just when a refrigerator is essential - the water-cooled Isotherm SP operates consistently and efficiently regardless of hot ambient temperatures. Without fans or pumps to remove the heat that is generated by the refrigeration compressor, the SP system consumes much less battery power and is remarkably quiet.

Although heat always rises if left to the laws of nature, the Isotherm SP unit uses the natural movement of the hull to draw heat down and out through a special fitting in the galley sink drain hose. As this hose is not restricted by pumps or non-return valves, flow is completely free. Each movement of the water surrounding the boat produces a similar change of the water level inside the hose resulting in the pumping of a similar quantity of water in and out through the hull fitting. By designing a special hull fitting containing a non-restricting, full-flow spiral heat exchanger for cooling the heated refrigeration agent, an extremely efficient cooling system is created. As the hull fitting is always situated some distance from the boat's centre of gravity, even the smallest movement of the hull or mast of a sailing boat is sufficient to create a pumping action. This movement by which warm water is continuously pumped out and cold water in, also prevents fouling. The through-hull fitting is made of salt-water resistant brass and the full-flow coil heat exchanger is made of copper-nickel alloy. A zinc anode comes with the kit. The 1.5 metre pipe connecting it to the compressor and the 2-3 metre pipe from the holding plate are both pre-filled and fitted with quick-fit connectors. Evaporators are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific requirements of your icebox design.


  • Seawater cooling for even higher efficiency.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Silent - no fans or pumps.
  • Heat removed by water means cooler inside the boat.
  • No extra holes in hull required and no protrusions.
  • Easy to install. Replaces the through-hull fitting for galley sink.

SP System includes: a danfoss compressor (BDF35F or BDF50F) with a superior fan-cooled condenser unit, evaporator, hull fitting with heat exchanger, zinc anode, temeperature control unit and click-on bracket.


multi-flag Manuale
PDF, 1,23 MB

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